Versos, confesiones y relatos

I lost myself into the woods,
looking for him,
searching for his taste,
seeking his brave soul.
I was awfully hungry.
I was eager to eat his whole essence.
I felt terribly thirsty.
I wished to drink in his whole spirit.
The Wolf came to me,
staring at my eyes like the hunger itself.
He was as starving as me.
My feline eyes looked at him,
with an absorbing gaze.
Come to me, my fierce Wolf
and wolf down all I’m offering to you,
I am your wildcat.
I am your delicious food.
I am all you want.
I am all yours.
Come to me, my savage Wolf.
Be my beast.
I am your brave animal.
I am here, waiting for your claws to scratch my skin.
Come to me right now.
Com to me, I want you.
You want me.
Eat me, now.
I want you.
I am going to eat you, now.
Come to me, my fierce Wolf.



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